Policy on quality

The objective that BERRA SRL aims to pursue and guarantee over time, is ever greater customer satisfaction, as regards both the quality and the timeliness of the services it provides.

While particularly committed to technical assistance, and maintenance of the results achieved in terms of problem solving and repairs, the company’s core business, and the heart of its identity, continues to be the construction of integrated high-tech mechanical machines, renowned on the world market as robust and easy to use. 

As an Italian manufacturer naturally committed to detail and to achieving top production efficiency, and keen to boost the market competitiveness of its customers, both current and future, BERRA has always paid the utmost attention to the QUALITY of its lines.

To achieve this, our company therefore constantly strives to improve its products/services.
 This demands the involvement and participation of everyone and is based on the following points:

  • Broader and more frequent involvement of all workers is a fundamental prerequisite for improving both product and service.
  • Inter-functional activities are the tool through which to effectively achieve this involvement and contribute to product improvement.
  • In these activities, as in any working situation, ideas and proposals for improvement must be encouraged.
  • Every manager/head is responsible for coordinating his/her collaborators, and for guiding them towards the company objectives.
  • Quality means doing the right things from the outset. This demands greater effort to begin with, but it also means fewer corrections over time.
  • The management, taking into account the needs of the customer and of the market, defines, each month, preventive or improvement actions to be undertaken by the company’s departments and measures the achievement of the same.
  • Customer trust is cultivated through an ethical and transparent approach (e.g. showing the customer work carried out and parts replaced, and transparently informing customers of any need for external support).
  • Our suppliers must be involved. After all, they are an important link in our production chain.
  • The success of the workshop is the result of the professional and cultural growth of individual employees.
    It is essential, therefore, to identify and organise training programmes geared at increasing worker expertise, also because this allows us to take on young workers with little or no experience.
  • The management sets out measurable and verifiable quality targets, as well as the relative motivations, analyses and guidelines.
  • The management is committed to the process of improving the satisfaction and trust of all interested parties (owners, shareholders, suppliers, banks, communities, local councils, etc.) through monitoring and updating activities as well as adherence to applicable laws and mandatory regulations.
  • Management of the company’s activities depends on systematic updating of documents and compliance with the applicable standards and laws.