6 strengths

BERRA machines require little maintenance

Sturdy mechanics

Our lines are long lasting.
Sometimes, even after 40 or 45 years, our customers hold onto their BERRA machines. Very few technical service maintenainces, a solid machine structure, a sturdy frame developed over years of planning capable of ensuring precise, vibration-free performances.
 A machine can be defined reliable and robust when it can endure continuous stress and strain, while always ensuring top-quality results at optimum printing speed.
We offer complex mechanics combined with state-of-the-art electronics: this is the only way to obtain the maximum accuracy that customers expect from us and from our machines.

Accurate registration with “Autoregister” automatic self-centering system

A perfect combination of high-tech complex mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics

The new BERRA software combines seamlessly both these active elements characterising our machines.
The accuracy of the register over time is the result of a perfect fusion between these two essential components. In a label finishing machine, it is all about this: the spools from other printing processes need to be reprocessed, a step that requires extreme precision.
The demands of an ever-changing market like today’s require Technology Players to be receptive and always provide quick and definitive solutions. 
Our evolution process in the research and development of our production lines have led us to create highly innovative solutions.
 The advent of the digitalisation, the need to manage micro print runs as well as increasingly small batches, a considerable growth in the production speeds: these are the needs and requirements we receive from our customers every day.
 The Autoregister System is the right and effective solution for all these needs. Short start-up times, minimum waste paper at process start-up, and impeccable operation at high speed: this is a challenge we have won.
On the demo days, we invite you to discover by yourself the level we have achieved, directly on the machines under construction at our facility in Garlasco (Province: PAVIA – ITALY).
In this way, we will be able to show you all the innovative features we have implemented on our lines, as well as the results we can get from them.

Ease of use at high speed

Each Berra machine is easy to use, from the entry level versions to the most complex lines

Our greater satisfaction comes from the operators working for our customers, as they express all their passion and appreciation for our user-friendly machine concept.
Complex mechanics and an immediate and intuitive operational approach is the combination that inspires our corporate philosophy. 
This has always been our identity.
Our choice is clear: maintaining, over the years, the sturdiness and reliability features that a finishing machine must ensure as well as simple and easy management of all functions. We believe that these are the ingredients that really make the difference.
When we install a new machine, the production process can already starts on the second day. Those who contact us to purchase our lines need to find an immediate affinity with the machines and have everything easily at hand.
A machine needs to be practical, because the start-up must take as little time as possible. It also needs to be precise and stable in order to begin the printing process with minimum waste of paper. Finally, it needs to operate at high speed while always ensuring top quality output.
 Today, it is important to stand out from competitors, in order to be able to win new market shares.
We pursue the same goal as our customers: supporting the business growth over time, and being a reliable production partner, in order to help them to get the best profit margins.

Modular design according to your needs

All our machines are modular

Today, the capability to implement a production line plays a crucial role.
We are talking about flexibility: the possibility, at any time, to add or even move a unit in any position on the machine. 
Maximum versatility: we start with a configuration, studying a tailor-made solution for the customer and, subsequently, if his needs change or new opportunities arise, we can enhance the line with additional modules and change their positions. 
To us, this means that each unit is an independent machine, which can be integrated and can communicate with all the other units in any position on the machine.

Little paper waste at start-up

This is one of our strengths

The fast, quick evolution of the market we operate in, especially in terms of digitalisation, as well as increasingly smaller print runs, require short start-up times.
 Our customers cannot afford to begin their printing process with paper waste exceeding the quantity of good product. This would be a contradiction. 
Often, this is one of the most debated issues: where to find the profit margins that everyone wants. This, for us, is a necessary aspect.
When registering a unit after the other on the machine, the output is already good in the preliminary production steps. 
Considering the increase in the throughput speed of modern printing processes, it surely was not easy to reduce times and waste while maintaining the same finishing quality.
 This is an important target improved, the result of a long and continuous research and development work.

Web tensioning and BRUSHLESS motors

All our new lines are equipped with BRUSHLESS motors

This is a considerable technological progress which also implies sizeable costs.
 However, we believe that this is one of the most important features on a finishing and reprocessing machine, in order to ensure a perfect registration. On our machines, from the first dancer roller on the entry side to the last one at the end of the line, the web is constantly tensioned. We introduced servo-driven winders, each one with a dedicated driver and, thanks also to the state-of-the-art BERRA software, we can compensate material distortion and manage and simulate the recovery of the gap in the stretching stage. 
In the production and packaging of labels in spool, our machines are integrated at the end of the work flow.
 When the job comes from so many printing processes and solutions – such as offset, flexo, digital and typography machines, each one with stretching and stress parameters applied to different materials – it is necessary to find a good solution for everyone.