BERRA S2 250 E S2 330

BERRA S2 250 E S2 330

MODULAR reprocessing and finishing machine, with the possibility to integrate flat screen printing units with 330 mm printing width.
This machine can meet a wide range of needs and perform a large spectrum of processes. A “must-have” for BERRA customers: a “historical” model featuring a very sturdy structure, appreciated for its highly space-saving design, making it suitable for installation in tight spaces. A convenient solution in terms of price, too: an entry level investment for startup companies wanting to enter the market of spool label finishing. At the same time, it is ideal for large print runs, and ensures high outputs with maximum accuracy in hot foil stamp and flat die-cutting tasks. Vacuum brake on the intake side for a good web tensioning and control. The thermal printing unit features two servo-driven shafts for the variable pitch printing of 2 foils simultaneously. In addition, the unit can perform a 90° rotation.
Flat die-cutting with plate for embossing or debossing tasks. Final rewinding plate with the possibility to add a waste-removing (optional removing) system with blade-cutting technology.

  • Unwinders:
    – Manual Unwinder with spool diameter of 600mm (standard)
    – Automatic Unwinder with spool diameter of 800mm (optional)
  • Flat Screen Printing Unit with 310 mm printing width (optional)
  • Hot Foil Printing Unit with 2 lamination foils and 90 degrees counter-rotation of the whole unit
  • Flat Die Cutting for embossing and debossing
  • Rewinding Plate
  • Waste-removing system with blade-cutting technology (optional)
Max. diameter spools on the unwindermm 800
Max. diameter rewound spoolsmm 600
Material feeding gapmm 250 (mm 330 on model 330)
Length of single modulesmm 3.200 (mm 3.800 on model 330)
Printing sizemm 230 x 230 (mm 310 x 280 on model 330)
Machine depthmm 1.500
Flat Screen printing unit speedup to 5.000 cycli/hour (330 mm adjustable printing width on request)
Thermal printing unit speedup to 5.000 cycles/hour
Flexo unit and semi-rotary die-cutting speedup to 5.000 cycles/hour