MODULAR reprocessing and finishing machine, with the possibility of integrating FLEXO multifunctional printing units for 4 different applications: one-colour printing, continuous full surface varnishing, partial drip-off varnishing of single sectors and glue spreading by means of an anilox roll for cold foil plastic coating and/or lamination.
 FLAT SCREEN printing units with AUTOREGISTER, THERMAL printing units with AUTOREGISTER and MULTIFOIL, FLAT and SEMI-ROTARY DIE-CUTTING systems with GAP MASTER, automated complete waste-removing/rewinding unit, in order to perform all the spool processing steps directly on the machine, with EasyLiner.

    • Unwinder with BST WebGuide
    • Corona Treatment (Optional)
    • Flexo UV and WATER BASED Printing and Varnishing Unit (Optional: Cold Foil and Adhesive and Cold Lamination System
    • Flat Screen Printing Unit (from 1 to a maximum of 6 units) – (New 2020) with Self Centering named AUTOREGISTER
    • Hot Foil Printing Unit with Sel Centering AUTOREGISTER and (New 2020) MULTIFOIL with 90° rotation of the whole Unit
    • Dry Coating for Label internal parts Removing System
    • Flat Die Cutting for embossing and debossing
    • Semi-Rotary Die Cutting Unit with GAP MASTER
    • SF330 waste-Removing/Rewinding Unit with heated plate
    • EasyLiner waste-Removing/Rewinding Unit (New 2020)
Max. diameter of reels on the unwinder mm 800
Max. diameter of rewound spools mm 600
Material feeding gap mm 340
Length of single modules
mm 1.500/2.000
Printing size
mm 310 x 280
Machine depth
mm 1.500
Remote Service
Flat Screen Printing Unit speed Up to 5,000 cycles/hour
Hot Foil Printing Unit speed Up to 7,000 cycles/hour
Flexo Unit and Semi-Rotary Die Cutting speed
Up to 10,000 cycles/hour